About Us


Silver Bow County School Employees Federal Credit was formed by a few educators in 1954. The Credit Union was started to serve the unique financial needs of the teachers in Silver Bow County. Fred Searle, a teacher in the Butte School System, took over the Credit Union and was Manager through 1994 spanning 40 years. The Credit Union’s original Small Employee Group(SEG) was the Butte Public School District. It did not take long for the field of membership to grow to include many other employee groups. While the school employees remained the core membership, each new SEG allowed the Credit Union to grow and establish a firm foothold in the financial sector of Silver Bow County.

Realizing the need for a shorter name that encompassed the school employees and our growing membership, the Board, Management and Staff took on the challenge of renaming the Credit Union. The name EDTECH came from Education and Technology in 1995.

EDTECH has always prided itself on being a Full-Service financial institution that offers high quality services using cutting edge technology. The Board realized that in order to maintain this high standard of products and services it was essential to expand our field of membership again. EDTECH was granted a Community Charter in 2008.

In 2009, EDTECH merged with a small struggling state charter Credit Union expanding the field of membership again to include the Montana State Hospital and the Montana State Prison.

We appreciate our members and value their support! Together we will grow…