EDTECH Federal Credit Union to Merge with Horizon Credit Union

The board of EDTECH Federal Credit Union voted to join with Horizon Credit Union. We’re thrilled to make this announcement because we think it will offer you, our members, many of the products and technologies you’ve asked about, without changing what you value most – friendly, helpful employees, hometown service and all the benefits of membership.

What will joining a respected, regional credit union mean to you? Same Service. More Services. is the way you’ll hear us describe it in the weeks to come. The tellers and staff will remain with us, continuing to provide you great service.

The improvements you’ll see with the merger include:

  •  More technology, including improved online and mobile banking, remote deposits, enhanced debit and credit card services with rewards and access to over 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs, new home loan options and 24-hour lending support, continued support of community organizations and events, plus more time for staff to volunteer

Pending regulatory approval, which is expected in June or July, you will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed merger. And while we hope you’ll agree with your credit union board and support this move, we understand that it’s important to learn all about it.

Watch our website for updates, check your mailbox for information and make plans to attend a town hall meeting in June (date to be announced later). Of course, you can also stop in any time and talk to Judy or Tom.

Below are a few answers to some commonly asked questions:

1.         Why is EDTECH Federal Credit Union merging with Horizon Credit Union?

Merging with Horizon, which has locations in Montana, Idaho and Washington, will allow us to add more services and expand technologies that better serve members. It will also allow us to add more branch locations, all while keeping the same great employees and service you’ve come to know and trust.

2.         Will any employees lose their jobs?

There are no plans to reduce staff as a result of the merger. In fact, there will likely be more career opportunities for staff in the future.

3.         How do I learn more about the merger?

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more information and updates, especially as the member vote draws closer. You’ll see information in the following places:

  •   This page, which will continue to be updated with new information
  •   Your monthly statement
  •   In your mailbox; we’ll send you information and a ballot to vote
  •   At the branches; in fact, we’ll host member meetings

Or, you can give Tom or Judy a call anytime.

4.         What is the process for the merger to move forward?

Following regulatory approval, which is expected in June or July, EDTECH members will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed merger. The vote will likely take place in July. We will provide several communications to members about the vote. We will also host member meetings and offer you the opportunity to ask us any questions about the merger and to meet folks from Horizon.

5.         EDTECH has a history of supporting local organizations and community events. Will that change?

EDTECH’s commitment to community will remain strong – and likely grow stronger. In addition to supporting local community organizations, EDTECH employees will be allowed to do a limited amount of volunteer work on company time.